February 9, 2023

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Snake bite leads German police to farm with 110 snakes |  Abroad

Snake bite leads German police to farm with 110 snakes | Abroad

German police found more than 110 dangerous snakes on Sunday at a farm in Salzgitter, near Hanover. Police tracked down the animals after their owner reported a venomous snakebite to the hospital.

The 35-year-old woman drove to a hospital in Salzgitter early Sunday morning and told attending doctors that one of her rattlesnakes had bitten her finger. With the woman’s condition rapidly deteriorating, and the authorities hastily requested an antidote from a specialized institute in Hamburg, the police visited the farm in central Germany and found dozens of snakes there.

In a statement, police said specialists determined that the collection of snakes contained venomous and non-venomous specimens that were not found in appropriate terrariums. All reptiles have been confiscated.

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