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The team behind the Skyblivion mod has uploaded a video with new gameplay footage and a roadmap that highlights what they’ll be working on in the coming years. Skyblivion is a remake of Oblivion in the Skyrim engine that is scheduled to be released “no later than 2025”.

The main Oblivion game world consists of nine regions. Of these, six have been recreated in the Skyrim engine. Half of the Nepinai Valley and Nepinai Basin regions have been completed; West Weld is fifteen percent ready. This completes the entire map of Cyrodiil by more than eighty percent. Maps inside buildings such as castles and shops are about 40 percent ready, with the caveat that the team focused primarily on larger, more complex maps. So map makers expect the next maps to be ready sooner.

Oblivion also contains some maps that take place outside the game world, such as Oblivionworlds and dream worlds. About a quarter of these maps have been completed; The team still has a lot to do in the areas of oblivion in particular. After all the game worlds are ready, the NPC’s navigation paths still need to be indicated. With this, the developers are about 33 percent done. This means that in these parts of the game world, characters and quests fully function.

Less advanced makers with other parts of development. In their own words, they lag behind 3D models, for example, clothes and buildings in cities. The latter sometimes leads to Jamsthat is, when the level makers are unable to finish a city because some 3D models are still missing.

Of the nearly 200 missions, 97 are now playable and 25 are in active development; 77 hasn’t started yet. The Fighters Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests have been completed, but less than half of the quests for the Mages and Thieves Guild and the main quest have been completed. All Daedric quests, as well as almost all side quests, also take place.

The gameplay mechanics also need work. Alchemy, spellcasting, underwater combat, and weather are done, but the class system and changeThe system is not finished yet. The team says it may want to add additional mechanics in the future, as well as dlc. In 2025, Oblivion will only appear in the Skyrim engine; dlc where Trembling Isles will follow next.

Skyblivion has been in development since 2012. Earlier this year, the team announced that they wanted to release the mod in 2025. To play Skyblivion, both Skyrim and Oblivion are required. The team says it is still looking for volunteers to help make the mod.

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