Boredom, exaggerated, leathery: that’s what one expert says about Marcel van Roosmalen’s use of language

Boredom, exaggerated, leathery: that's what one expert says about Marcel van Roosmalen's use of language

He is now a famous Dutchman. And he’s getting more and more popular now, as he can be seen daily this month on the SBS talk show Marcel en Gijs. The Marcel we are talking about is Marcel van Roosmalen: writer, columnist and presenter. You instantly recognize him when you hear him, Appel analyzes in his weekly column Het TNA van…

Often an angry impression

notes his “very dry, flat tone”. “He uses very little intonation. It’s a very frank camel tune. That’s why he often makes a rather grumpy impression.” Abel believes he is doing this consciously. “It actually has a certain effect.”

Van Roosmalen often uses exaggeration, notes the language analyst. He plays a part filled with words like “brilliant,” “unprecedented,” and “incredible.” “A figure of speech to make fun of something. He uses it a lot.”

Makes others silly

He often affixes these big words to his performances – out of self-deception, of course. Just as he does not take himself seriously, he often makes fun of others. “He doesn’t shy away from swipes.” Why ever explain himself. That people who use big words themselves expect it in return. Something about the ball and jump.

It’s still possible to hear and see Marcel van Roosmalen for about a week: Marcel en Gijs on TV for another week. Every Tuesday afternoon it is a “busy maker” in Nieuws BV.

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