Sixth wife Martijn straight home at B&B Full of Love: ‘I’m already in love’

Sixth wife Martijn straight home at B&B Full of Love: 'I'm already in love'

No bed and breakfast owner gets six love nominees on the show, but Martin does. But since he declared his love for Vena, he can’t think of anything else. “I didn’t really see that the spark flew so fast between these two,” Susan says the day after Martin’s confession was revealed. “So it wasn’t very unexpected for me.”

Veena still can’t get used to the idea that Martin fell in love with her so quickly. “It’s strange to say this,” she said to him. “There will be another one. She’s unlucky because she comes a little later. I think you should also give her a chance.”

Then it was time for Susan to pack her belongings. “I hope you enjoyed the drama here,” Martin says. “Yeah, it was a drama, wasn’t it?” Suus answers.

Susan leaves, but Linda, candidate number six, is on her way to Martijn’s B&B. She is eagerly looking forward to meeting him. “I expect it to be a very interesting adventure. I hope something comes out. That we love each other.”

During the meeting with Martijn, I was very impressed. “Really cute boy.” Martin sits with his hands in curls. “It’s really stupid to host someone else when you’re crazy about someone else.”

He decided to take Linda aside. He immediately feels that she will not change his mind. So he goes to get the midwife out of her misery. “Sit down, because I’m going to fall on your roof. I want to tell you something and I’m having a really hard time with it.”

Then they fall on the bed. “You’re here for a reason. For me. To get to know me better. Now you have bad luck because you’re the last to get here. That’s bad for you, because I’ve already fallen in love with Fenna,” says Martin. Linda. She answers coldly, “Of course that can happen. That’s very nice of you.”

Martin tells her she can stay, but it can’t be anything. “It makes no sense to stay,” Linda concludes. “It’s no different. It’s a pity I didn’t get that chance, I guess.” A few minutes later, Linda pulled out her bag from the bed and breakfast. During The Winner Takes It All, Linda takes a taxi to where she arrived a few hours earlier: the airport.

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