Breathtaking new images of Jupiter

Breathtaking new images of Jupiter

This time Jupiter is the subject of the images released by the James Webb team today. And even on a planet already seen by the world’s thousands of telescopes and binoculars every evening and night, there is still plenty of news to discover.

But above all, there is still much to admire.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is easily visible to the naked eye for most of the year because it is one of the brightest celestial bodies. This is possible tonight and all night, for example, as long as the clouds stay away.


With a good binoculars, you can actually see that it’s a planet, not a star. The four moons of Jupiter are also clearly visible. Using a hobby telescope, the distinct horizontal orbits can already be clearly seen.

A lot can be seen with a space telescope. This time it is mainly the aurora borealis (compare it with the northern lights on Earth), which scientists are watching with great interest. It tells something about the formation of cloud cover and also what happens below.

But that’s for foodies for years to come. Now the word is mainly left to the fans:

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