Sister Wives’ Cody Doesn’t Want Babysitting: ‘Paying a Nanny’

Sister Wives' Cody Doesn't Want Babysitting: 'Paying a Nanny'

Troy Cody, who has eighteen children from four different women, is on an episode of Sister wives It is “not normal” for him to babysit. He explains that he simply does not have time because of his job. “It’s easier for me to pay someone $20 an hour than to lose $200 an hour with the company I own.” In recent years, Cody has held various jobs. It is unclear what he is currently doing for a living. Although he does not take care of his children, he thinks he is good at it. “But I’ve never done that.”

Kristen also has a lot to complain about, because according to her Cody refuses to even put his kids to bed.

Fortunately for Cody and his four wives, they mostly had children. She says his wife Robin uses a babysitter. “Cody and I have a lot to do during the day. That’s why I have a nanny. So I can let her help instead of trying to ask Cody to help the kids.” According to Robin, it would not be “fair” to burden Cody with this burden, as he already has “many responsibilities” with such a large family.

Cody’s youngest children are 6-year-old Ariel, 10-year-old Solomon and 12-year-old Truly. This is followed by Savannah and Brianna, both 17-year-olds. The rest are all adults.

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