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Fed live: drie kwartjes!

Chairman Jerome Powell talks about prices another way a few times, but stocks are down initially, interest rates are going up and the dollar is rising on the Fed’s decision to raise rates to 3.00-3.25%.

Although the Fed rate decision is close to three quarters, more quarters are on the way (than expected). The Fed was, is, and will be on a collision course with inflation until it returns to its 2% cage. By all means necessary. The bank does not rule out a recession only! Is this sometimes the most important news with close quotes?

Recession is possible, but the president certainly isn’t expecting a dramatic economy, let alone a depression and who knows… Prices seem to be responding well to this.

  • September 21 – 20:59:57 [RTRS] Fed Powell: There is a possibility that growth will be stronger than we expect, which is a good thing
  • September 21 – 20:59:05 [RTRS] – FED’S POWELL: This is a strong and solid economy

Going back to the beginning, this is the news about the interest rate decision itself.

The well-known point plot. Their names are not listed, but these are the long-running forecasts of all the Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Committee, or FOMC members. Therefore, the peak yield is at the beginning of the year 2023-2024. the fickle market forecast We’ll save the press release and finish this blog until after this blog ends.

Watch the press conference here from 20:30 to 21:30 max. Here are the key quotes from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who is always very lavish about them. Everything to bring inflation back to 2%. He again does not use the word stagnation, but speaks of a slowdown in growth.

oh right:

  • September 21 – 20:46:34 [RTRS] – Fed Powell: Nobody knows if we’ll get a cooldown, or if it does, how deep it will go.


  • September 21 – 20:46:00 [RTRS] – Fed Powell: If supply shocks also occur, bloating pressures can also be relieved
  • September 21 – 20:45:55 [RTRS] Fed: Commodity prices seem to have gone up
  • September 21 – 20:39:14 [RTRS] Fed Powell: My main message is that the FOMC is very intent on reducing inflation, and it will stay until the job is done.
  • September 21 – 20:38:05 [RTRS] Fed Powell: Curbing inflation will likely require a sustained period of downward trend growth
  • September 21 – 20:36:20 [RTRS] – FED’S POWELL: Will look for forcing evidence that inflation is moving
  • September 21 – 20:35:11 [RTRS] – FED’S POWELL: There are no reasons to be satisfied with puffing
  • September 21 – 20:34:52 [RTRS] Fed Powell: Participants continue to see side risks to inflation

guards, This time it’s different?

  • September 21 – 20:44:36 [RTRS] Powell Feed: We see the current situation outside the historical norms
  • September 21 – 20:44:48 [RTRS] – FED’S POWELL: This is why the unemployment rate may not rise as much as in previous recessions


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