Singer Veul Gère is the new prince of Croekenstad and is canceling shows

Singer Veul Gère is the new prince of Croekenstad and is canceling shows

Jan Eijsermans, singer of the band Veul Gère, will trade his microphone for a staff and stitch at this upcoming carnival. On the 11th, the Eijsermans were appointed Prince John III. So his friends from Veul Gère have to do without him for a while.

“Un lekker delleke”, “Wa drèkte aon?” And “Gròzzie my neighbor.” These are some carnival squatters from the Veul Gère carnival association from Tilburg. Singer Jan Eggersmans will not sing these songs during the carnival band’s performances this season. He was appointed Prince John III on Saturday evening in Heuvel in Tilburg.

However, the new prince does not want to miss the Veul Gère concerts at Poppodium 013 on January 12 and 13. “I said it right away, I have to be there. So, this weekend I don’t have any obligations as a prince.”

The prince was presented with his aide-de-camp, the Council of Eleven, the bodyguards, and the Hofkabel de Slotelsollers. Together they look forward to the carnival. “It is a short season, so we will celebrate to the maximum,” the new prince said. “Enjoying and letting go should be of utmost importance.”

Assistant Rob adds: “We will enjoy visits to associations and official events. But I also think it is good to reach out to young associations and find a way to do so. We want to celebrate the party with everyone.”

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