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Signify launches a number of new Philips Hue lights. It concerns two ceiling lights, a globe lamp with white light and a warm white light. The Hue app will also be updated so that users can equalize the brightness of different lights in a single area, regardless of the number of lumens.

Indication has LEDs posted on its website. These include the bright ball bulb with E14 fitting. According to the company, this is the company’s smallest connected lamp to date. This lamp is available in white, warm white, and color changing. Luminous brightness is 470 lumens. The cost of the lamp is 34.99 euros for the white lamp and 64.99 euros for the colored model.

The company also offers The Aurelle ceiling lamp is off It has a rectangular shape with cool white light and is available in black or white. Three variants will be launched: a 600 x 600mm model and a 1200 x 300mm model for €239.99 and a 300 x 300mm model for €169.00. Another ceiling lamp is Surimu, which has a round shape. Its cost is 229.99 euros.

Signify also says that the Hue app is being updated with two new features. One of them is called Brightness equalizer. This allows individual lights to be set in the same entertainment area. Now, recreation areas, in contrast to residential areas, can only be modernized en masse. The “balancer” aspect refers to the fact that the lamps can also automatically switch to the same brightness, even if the lamps are of different light intensities. This means that all lamps in this recreation area give off the same light. However, this feature will not appear until the third quarter of this year.

In the same period, it will also be possible to increase the number of time slots for motion sensors to ten. There are now two more that most users use morning and evening, but adding more will make it possible to add more options for other times of the day.

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