The vegetarian landlord forbids the tenants to prepare meat or fish – Joop

The vegetarian landlord forbids the tenants to prepare meat or fish - Joop


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The owner of an apartment complex in the New York borough of Brooklyn has special requirements for his new tenants: They are not allowed to prepare meat or fish. “No meat/fish on the premises,” the real estate agent’s “wonderful vegan owner” writes on a site for home seekers. the The New York Times It is noted that the fantastic demand does not deter the tenants. A long line of home seekers has shown interest in the two one-room apartments with rents of €4,100 and €5,300 per month.

The landlord is not worried that the tenants do not eat meat, but they do not bring it. Because he also lives in the compound himself and doesn’t want to face the smells associated with heating dead animal carcasses. So sushi can be done, but grilling chicken is a taboo.

The rule has been in effect since 2007. It is not illegal under US law to make such a request. Discrimination is prohibited solely on the basis of characteristics such as age, race, marital status, employment, and sexual orientation. Other forms of discrimination not prohibited by law are permitted. Think “no pets”. But the question is whether the meat ban will always hold up in court. According to legal experts, meat-loving renters who can prove medical necessity, for example, have a chance to challenge the ban.

The paper writes that potential renters who keep an eye on the flats but don’t want to be deprived of meat have already devised a shortcut on the spot. “We already have a lot of meals delivered,” says a 29-year-old viewer. But he has little appetite for home. “The idea of ​​someone watching whether you’re cooking meat or fish isn’t fun.”

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