February 7, 2023

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Signal Introduces Bonding Feature For Android App – Computer – News

Then as a signal user you send something to someone using whatsapp: your metadata will still be logged.

Yes, but only for your communication with the whatsapp user. not everything.

I also like to have it all in one app. And I have that now too, with my Matrix bridges<3"/>

Only these have some drawbacks. It’s very little work to keep up with (although it makes Available play book It’s a lot simpler), every now and then something breaks, especially the signal bridge, and not all functions are supported, like whatsapp calling.

A few years ago, BlackBerry also had a central place on their mobile operating system where chat applications could be connected. Also a very good idea.

Unfortunately, it really is a mess with all of these chat apps right now. It’s driving me crazy (for proof: see Nick). I now have WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Discord and Teams to reach everyone. And some people who only talk on LinkedIn or Slack but I don’t think they’re important enough to connect to my bridge.

I would also like to see a standard like @David V calls. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will ever happen unless it is enforced by the EU. Not a bad plan per se if they were to, but there’s a good chance it’s interfering with cryptographic checking (chat control) and I think that’s a deal breaker.

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