Sick Herman Finkers Full of Plans: ‘I’m Still Going Around’ | Displays

Sick Herman Finkers Full of Plans: 'I'm Still Going Around' |  Displays

Things are going well for Hermann Venkers, given the circumstances. The 68-year-old comedian with leukemia is content with how things are going. ‘I’m still touring. I feel good,’ he said Friday night on The Andre Van Duyn Show, With Van Duyn in the back seat.

More than 20 years ago, Finkers was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a form with the longest life expectancy. In 2023, he is still full of ambitions. This is the taste of success Saint Hildegard’s legs (in which he played the lead role), to more. “I’d like to make a movie. Or a theater programme. But when do you have to do everything? Right now I’m still so busy with things that no one cares about, except me,” he told Van Duyn.

Even so,” he continued with a smile, glasses in his hands, two more CDs will be released in April. album “with songs written by him outside the theaters”. ,,Me too little prince Translate to Twente. Holy Princess. I’m enjoying this a lot.”

Finkers also discussed the usefulness of the cabaret on the red velveteen of the old man, who walked the streets of his hometown of Milo on Friday evening and was jokingly driven by the writer Ozcan Akyol. “I say sometimes: The cabaret artist is a comedian with a flaw. A comedian can make people laugh. Perfectly timed, with good looks. A comedian always needs an excuse, something quasi-intellectual.”

Finkers, on his show after the break, spoke about when he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia:

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