Big Shark has to be the worst movie of 2023

Big Shark has to be the worst movie of 2023

Twenty years after the release of the classic The Room, Tommy Wiseau is back with his new movie big shark. The first trailer for the movie has now been released and let’s just say it looks like the quality is up to par the room.

The new film follows three New Orleans firefighters, Georgie, Patrick and Tim, as they work to save the city from an attack by a giant shark. Wiseau himself wrote and directed the film and can also be considered as a firefighter.

the room
Often described as “so bad it’s good”, The Room has garnered a huge fanbase as a result. Here is an example of laughably bad acting in one of the movie’s most famous scenes.

In 2017, a film was made about the production of the room It was called The Disaster Artist with James Franco as Wiseau.

Release date and trailer
From April 2, the film will be shown in various US cities. It is not yet known if the film will also be shown in the Netherlands. You can watch a trailer below.

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