Shuhei Ohtani reaches point 44, then leaves the hill due to arm fatigue

Shuhei Ohtani reaches point 44, then leaves the hill due to arm fatigue

News agencyAug 23, 2023 at 10:10 p.m2 min read

Anaheim, California — Shuhei Otani Hill left in the middle of the bat during the second inning on Wednesday due to an arm strain Los Angeles Angels He said.

Ohtani had a 2-2 count Cincinnati Reds The third baseman Christian Encarnacion Strand When the Angels coaching staff came out to check on him after his 94 mph fastball. Ohtani walked off the mound after a short discussion, having only thrown 26 pitches in the first game of a doubleheader.

The two-way star and leading AL MVP skipped his previous role in the cycle last week to rest his arm late in a long summer. Ohtani’s speed dropped across the board on Wednesday when he faced the Reds’ first six batters, though he occasionally increases his pitching speed gradually in the opening innings.

Ohtani hit his 44th major league homer in the first inning, a two-run shot against Cincinnati. He also left the game as the Angels’ designated hitter with the rookie Nolan Chanwell replace it.

Ohtani suffered blisters, cramps, and other minor injuries to his hand, but he would throw them while continuing to pitch every day as the designated hitter for the Angels.

Ohtani left the mound early due to the pain of a blister or cracked nail on three consecutive starts earlier this summer, even though he’s been playing at least five innings at a time. Then he left the mound after four scoreless innings against Seattle on August 3 due to a spasm in his hand and fingers.

Tyler Anderson He replaced Ohtani on the mound, indicating that the Angels may have suspected Ohtani of having injury problems. Anderson is a regular part of the Angels’ rotation and was initially expected to start on Friday when Los Angeles kicks off a road trip against the Angels. mets.

Schanuel finished second to Ohtani in the batting order as the Angels DH. Shanwell walked in the third inning but was singled out first.

Ohtani will almost certainly win the AL MVP award for the second time in three seasons after another standout two-hit campaign. He entered this game 10-5 with a 3.17 ERA on the mound. A two-run homer gave him 91 RBIs and he broke his tie with a Atlanta‘s Matt Olson At the top of Homer’s ranking.

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