Shouting at sports clubs: canteens should better implement QR code | interior

Shouting at sports clubs: canteens should better implement QR code |  interior

Burles responded Thursday to an investigation by NOS, which showed that the canteens of amateur sports clubs are not often checked. Control varies in cafes and restaurants. In theaters, cinemas, concert halls and stadiums, the much-discussed code is often requested. Green ticks require vaccination or recent rest.

According to Burlus, the heads of the security zones see that most of the entrepreneurs are doing a good job. “Since the research shows that the majority of Dutch people have had positive experiences with the Corona Entry Card and that the control seems to be a relatively small effort, I call on the managers of sports canteens to really keep the evidence. If infections continue to rise and measures have to be tightened again, no one will be happy,” said the head of the board. “.

fine or close

Bruls notes that failure to comply with the access rules can result in a fine or business closure. This has also happened a few times since the rules went into effect, such as at the vegan restaurant Waku Waku in Utrecht. “We do not want to go back to the old Corona measures, when canteens and restaurants were completely closed or open with restrictions.”

Koninklijke Nederlandse Horeca (KHN) says it sees satisfaction, for example, from municipalities and enforcers about how the catering industry is handling coronavirus checks. “We are not getting any indications that things are not going well,” said KHN President Robert Willemsen. Willemsen also sees catering and customers being less opposed to the Corona Corridor than it was before it was introduced. He believes support will increase if the mandatory midnight lockdown is lifted.

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