Should Europe follow America?

Should Europe follow America?

Should Europe take an example from America’s policy on electric cars? If it is with the French finance minister, yes. WANT author Sabine explains why.

This is particularly true of the US subsidy policy for electric car purchases. According to French Minister Bruno Le Main, taking an example from American policy should ensure that environmental damage is minimized and the European market is protected. Like this:

Electric cars: A subsidy here, a subsidy there

In the United States, electric car buyers currently receive a subsidy of up to $7,500 when the vehicle is manufactured in North America. Critical battery components may not come from China, Russia and other ‘problem areas’.

According to Le Main, it is time for Europe to follow this American policy. “We have to play by the same rules if we want to protect our industries, our jobs and our technology.” Le Main therefore wants the subsidies to apply only to vehicles built within the EU.

Electric car range
charging. (Image: Skoda)

The Electric Revolution

Twelve percent Electric cars are among the new cars sold in France. However, this ‘electrical revolution’ has a downside, as it makes thousands of jobs redundant in engines and transmissions in European countries, including France.

In France, the government offers subsidies of no less than 6,000 euros (this will soon be reduced to 5,000 euros) for the purchase of electric cars, as long as the purchase price is less than 47,000 euros. That grant amount is much higher than the €2,950 you would receive in the Netherlands in 2023. Can get subsidy. In addition, additional support is possible in France through a scrapping scheme for old cars with combustion engines.

All in all, actually changing is more interesting ElectricAlthough it misses the roar of a V8.

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