June 9, 2023

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Presentation of Buma NL Awards • Consultation of the Russian National Security Council

Presentation of Buma NL Awards • Consultation of the Russian National Security Council

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good morning! The Buma NL Awards are presented at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and the Russian Security Council meets at the request of President Putin.

First the weather: Clouds are rapidly increasing from the west and there will be occasional rain from noon. Later the sun rises. It will be about 15 to 18 degrees.

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What do you expect today?

  • President Putin held a meeting of the Russian Security Council after the explosion of the Crimean bridge last weekend. The bridge connects the Russian-annexed Crimea to the Russian mainland. The meeting was attended by the most important politicians, ministers and the army.
  • The Buma NL Awards will be presented at Tivolfriedenburg in Utrecht. Dutch music dominates this year’s music awards. With four nominations, singer Mart Hoggkammer is the biggest contender.
  • The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics will be announced today. This award differs from the “classic” Nobel Prizes, because it was not created by its founder Alfred Nobel himself.

What did you miss?

get ANWB More and more notifications Of the Dutch who are facing problems in France due to the lack of fuel there. Because of the strikes at French refineries, many gas stations are now running out of diesel, LPG and petrol.

Other news from the night:

Then this:

More and more people are having difficulty paying their energy bills. Since cooking food in a heated house is also costly for some, this church in Delfgauw decided to serve hot meals.

The idea came from Reverend Robert Steiger:

Church Serves Hot Meals: ‘Save a Lot of Money and Gas’