Shooting in Tel Aviv during a demonstration: three wounded

Shooting in Tel Aviv during a demonstration: three wounded

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At least three people were injured in shootings in central Tel Aviv. A Palestinian man opened fire on anti-government demonstrators.

Three victims are known to have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds to the neck and chest, one of whom is in critical condition. The perpetrator was shot dead by the police.

Anti-government protest

The busy Dizengoff Street, a popular spot filled with restaurants and shops, gathers at the start of the Israeli holiday weekend. So is the start of another anti-government protest that has been going on for weeks.

As the street filled, the Palestinian fired into the crowd. A video taken by bystanders shows him escaping into an alley after emptying his firearm. There he is attacked by dozens of Israeli military police.

Shooting early in the day

The shooting follows an incident earlier in the day that left three Palestinians dead in the West Bank. The occupation police raided the town of Jaba in search of jihadists. And those militants were killed in that battle.

And he had to be flown by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by helicopter to the airport for his visit to Rome because demonstrators blocked the road.

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