Discord is also integrating AI functionality into its gaming-PC-news chat app

Discord will use OpenAI technology to give Clyde bot more features. Clyde will soon be able to answer questions, send gifs, and recommend music, among other things. There is also AI assistance for moderation and summarization of text conversations.

The disagreement is one A blog post dedicated to it. Similar to ChatGPT and Bing Chat, botClyde can not only answer individual questions, but also hold longer conversations with users. However, unlike, say, ChatGPT, Clyde cannot generate messages for one user to be sent to another user.

Another AI feature that Discord comes with is a moderation feature. AutoMod AI should be able to notify the moderator of violations while also taking into account the context of the conversation. If all goes well, it should be possible to distinguish between talking about some cross-border matter and actually crossing a border, for example.

Finally, there are the conversation summaries. Discord doesn’t want users to feel left out if they don’t keep up with the chat channel, and its AI-powered summary feature should come in handy for that.

Discord says these features will be offered on a small scale first. As for Clyde, he doesn’t mention a concrete measure of introduction, only that Discord “continues to test and improve so that Clyde will quickly become an essential part of the Discord experience.” AutoMod AI will be available on a “limited number of servers” starting Thursday. Conversation Digest will also hit a small number of servers starting next week. The Slack business chat app also has this feature.

Clyde’s disclaimer for use states that the technology is yet to come to fruition: “Do not tell Clyde Secrets or rely on them for advice, Discord support, or security issues. Clyde is experimental and not perfect, so you may encounter information that could be considered biased, misleading, harmful, or inaccurate.” Even if precautions are taken.

Since the introduction of OpenAI with ChatGPT in December, there has been additional interest in AI from both businesses and the public. Microsoft is capitalizing on this in the form of Bing Chat, which has even received a measure of Windows 11 integration. Google has the answer to that, Bard, its own AI chatbot. Parties like DuckDuckGo, Slack, Snapchat, and Opera also use it. Tweakers also wrote a backstory on the phenomenon in February.

Discord is a voice and text chat app primarily aimed at gamers, although more recently online communities have been targeted by the app in a more general sense. The app is also somewhat similar to Slack, although it caters to a different audience. The app is very popular and now also works on Xbox Series, and more recently, PlayStation 5.

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