December 6, 2022

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She looks stunned from the first withdrawal from The Masked Singer

She looks stunned from the first withdrawal from The Masked Singer

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the first episode of disguised singer.

Gerard Juling, Buddy Vader, Loretta Shriver, and Carlo Bouchard were all wrong. Neither Quinty Trustfull nor Marga Bult, but no one but Lt. Col. Anita Witzier was hiding in a swan suit. She had to confront the alien in one last rescue attempt, after which the audience sent Anita home, disguised as a swan.

“Unbelievable, but how beautiful!” Gerard Juling’s reaction after the unveiling. “But we didn’t guess everything. Anyway, a distorted picture with a long neck, it was tough.”

The presenter at the NPO liked to do this: “An adventure, it’s so much fun! And the best thing is to show your identity, so in this respect it is very good to be the first to lose!”

Anita could hardly see anything through the suit: “I didn’t see anyone, because you could hardly see anything. I heard everything, and just thought: As long as I don’t get off from that stage.”

Curious about Anita’s “secret” hints? the ring Here Let’s look back and of course also on Videoland.

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