Festivals interested in facial recognition systems: “We can link face scans with Corona QR codes’

Festivals interested in facial recognition systems: ``We can link face scans with Corona QR codes'

Access systems that work with facial recognition are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. The ban on it is diminishing, so companies want to use it in their office buildings and event establishments as well. But it’s actually a pretty scary development, especially because facial scans can be linked to corona’s QR codes.

This technology is increasingly being used to control access and there are also more and more companies selling face scans. It all sounds so cute, but there’s also a dark side to it. This is evident from this quote from BNR-articleFestivals are now particularly interested in facial recognition technologies. We can associate face scans with corona QR codes so you can let your visitors in faster. We’ve already scanned entries for twenty-five festivals. ‘Ten more are planned for the fall,’ says Silk Geerts, a member of Combo Management.

true HORECA With the increased use of wristbands (an idea inspired by their use in festivals), event organizers are increasingly using facial recognition systems. And then too Corona QR Codes Linking to face scans… my God, how strange it is that people still hesitant For this type of facial scan!

Using it at festivals is the quickest way to get used to these types of systems. Exactly what we don’t want! You do not know for sure where the data is provided and who can view it. Privacy is ultimately thrown into the sea, especially if it is to be used for all kinds of buildings and public spaces. Cameras in streets and squares for example. If someone is walking around and doesn’t have a QR code, you can get it easily.

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It doesn’t have to go that way, but it comes eerily close to the idea of ​​a surveillance company. No problem if you have nothing to hide, but everyone has something to hide. It’s terrifying.

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