Several stores open in protest against Corona’s measures | 1 Limburg

Several stores open in protest against Corona’s measures |  1 Limburg

Despite the ban, non-essential stores opened in several Limburg cities on Saturday in protest of the Corona measures.

At least five stores have opened in downtown Sittard, which must already close according to Corona’s standards. Posters hung in shop windows read: “Yes! We are open! This is our right!” Shops also allow customers to check in in Roermond.

Invasion in Belgium
Jo Bormans, owner of Bormans Fashion Shoes in Sittard, opened Saturday at 9:30 a.m. “The water reaches our lips,” he says. “In Belgian stores they have a sales increase of more than 30 per cent because of the Dutch. We lost that here. This is unacceptable.”

Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) reports that several Belgian retailers are talking about 20 to 30 percent more sales than expected.

The doors are open
So far, Bormans says, he’s received mainly positive feedback from customers. It is remarkable that masks are not worn in the store, neither by employees nor by customers. In addition, no space was kept.

Also participating in the protest are several other stores on the same street, including clothing stores Stoer Enzo, Upsprings and Level. In Roermond, it will also be about fashion stores.

Around 2:30 pm, Sittard Jilin Municipal Enforcement Service staff visited the stores. Store owners have been called to account for their behavior, but they have not received an official warning. No fines were issued.

The municipality understands the measure and has asked the shopkeepers to end their protest at 15:30 and then close the shops again, assures one of the enforcers.

Multiple cities
Shopkeepers in other cities in the country also participated in the protest. In Bossum, shops are open on Saturday afternoon and you can drink a cup of coffee there. Shops are only open for collecting orders, nothing can be bought inside. Shops in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Heusen are taking part in this silent protest.

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