Settlers Preview – Tweakers

Settlers Preview - Tweakers
nickname settlers
a program windows
Developer Ubisoft Dusseldorf
publisher Ubisoft
release date March 17, 2022

The Settlers is one of the oldest series in the Ubisoft catalog. However, the French publisher has been struggling with it for a while. Earlier there was the difficult development of The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria, which according to both fans of the Settlers and Ubisoft itself deviated a lot from the formula and therefore in 2016 as Kingdoms of Entrea He will be released. However, development for the latest version of The Settlers is also not going smoothly. We already saw this new version at E3 2018 pass by, billed as a major reboot of the series. At the time, Ubisoft was aiming to release the game in 2019. This was carried over to 2020 and then calm prevailed. It is now clear that the game will be released in March of this year, still under the title The Settlers.

To what extent the game is a reboot, we can judge by then. However, we can already tell you something about it, because we were able to take our first tentative steps into the game world. In the past few days we have been allowed to run the version that will soon be available to everyone as a beta test. Don’t imagine too much of it. This is a limited test as only some skirmishes can be fought. There are exactly two maps available. The first map is for players or for the player who competes with the computer. The second map is for four players, or for two against the computer.

Middle Ages

First, let’s go back in time, more specifically to 2018, when Ubisoft first mentioned this reboot. That year, we saw a game that Ubisoft actually brought back to the original. That is, this new version is an old-fashioned game. The settlers you control are male and female again with a medieval look and they look just as colorful and playful as the original. You see the farmer, the blacksmith and the soldier bumping into a soft green lawn once again on their way to work.

2018 ad trailer

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