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The most recent trip completed by a luxury Private jet, registered HI-949, On July 7 became one of the key clues in the hands of the FBI regarding the crime of Haitian President Jovanel Moss.

A photo of EL TIEMPO exclusively revealing, showing a Haitian doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon, Accused of being one of the masterminds of the massacre, on the steps of the plane, worth $ 1.2 million, and operated Helitosa S.A.

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It is an airline affiliated with a former candidate for the presidency of the Dominican Republic. Gonzalo Castillo.

After Sanon, almost no one knows the face of a Colombian who is imprisoned today for Moses’ crime: ex-military Archangel Brittled Artis. And, on the other hand, Walter Windemila of Ecuador.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO, Brittlet is a former member of the military who claims to live in the United States, where he is accused of collaborating in a federal lawsuit against drug trafficking. Former member of exFarc.

His name appears in the documents of the Miami-based CDU Security LLC, along with Venezuela Antonio Intrio, another of those in the photo.

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Link with Quito

Haiti’s first lady Martin Moss escapes attack and provides vital information.

The CDU revealed the recruitment and deportation of former Colombian soldiers involved in the President’s torture and crimes; And inside Attempted assassination of first lady.

The people in the photo – Sanon, Windemilla, Indriago and Brittlet – went to La Isabella Airport in Santo Domingo to clear the command hire.

Haitian police, in the middle of the week, revealed other images At a luxury hotel in Santo Domingo, Where he met with Doctor Christian Sanon, Venezuela Indriago and former Senator John Joel Joseph.

The meeting was attended by Haitian-American liaison James Solages (captured); Mayor Margie Kessa and Windemilla.

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Walter Windemilla

The Ecuadorian Windemila is relevant in the investigation, with Colombia’s Directorate of Intelligence (DNI), police and Interpol Colombia participating head-on on the ground.

Quideno is proud to have moved a portion of the funds from the criminal scheme. From your company Global Capital Credit Group The money came to a section of the ex-military team to travel last June.

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Call and voodoo

On the night of the assassination, a member of police called the President’s residence to pass Colombians. So the security door was open.

One of the recipients Captain (R.) German Riviera Garcia, Who was in contact with the CDU, who coordinated the security ring for the men who destroyed the entrance to the presidency on the day of the attack.

EL TIEMPO approached an audio in which an informed Dominican Republic intelligence agent rented vehicles using data and men entering To Mosin’s room to kill him.

According to an informant, on the night of the assassination, a key figure from the police called the Colombians to the presidential residence to pass. So the security door was open, There is no exchange of shots and the guard is easy to lower and handcuff.

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Former captain German Rivera was imprisoned in Haiti.

Former Captain German Rivera, a prisoner in Haiti and a designated speaker for the recruitment of ex-servicemen.

Haiti;  Mario Antonio Palacios Placeholder Image

Mario Antonio Palacios will appear on posters with the ‘Wanted’ logo.

In French, the source told the Dominican agent Those who killed Moses were Haitian policemen. Evidence that they took his left eye out.
“This is a voodoo ritual, so the deceased should not continue to see you from beyond,” he explained.

He also gave clues about one of the escapees: Mario Antonio Palacios, A former soldier from Choke is still alive. He said he entered the president’s room (see note below).

Several former military prisoners have reiterated that an arrest warrant will be issued against Moss. Only now did they reveal that they were going to assassinate him Go to the palace to defend a new president.

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Escaped and OK world

Duberni Capador Giraldo

According to his sister, Duberni Capador gave him the security company he went to work for in Haiti.

Again, Captain Rivera and Sergeant (R.) Daberni Capador They only know about the alleged project.

In addition to Wyndemila’s bank accounts, it is being investigated who financed others to commit the crime. They are looking for contact with Haitian merchants and the famous King Rodolf Jar, or Toddoff, Already has an arrest warrant.

It is estimated that there may be a cost to the criminal program More than $ 20 million And the cash flow will lead to other masterminds.

Tickets used by many of those involved in going to the Dominican Republic and then jumping into Haiti, another piece of information that is not yet known. They were managed by a reputed travel company.

This is OK Mundo Travel, located in Doral, Florida and unrelated to the case. But it is expected that through their records, it will be revealed who gave them the money and who is missing in the plot.

Everything points to the fact that part of the execution of ex-servicemen was coordinated from Ecuador, by Dmitry Heard, the palace’s head of defense, who was imprisoned today for murder.

Heard, who trained at a military academy in Quito (Eloy Albaro) in 2013, refused to testify this week in the public prosecutor’s office about how the president was tortured. They wiped his left eye and shot him, A scratch without his bodyguards.

He did not describe his regular travels to Ecuador, with six stops in Bogot, where he would have met Capador and Rivera.

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Haiti Massacre Crowd

The meeting at the hotel was attended by Sanon doctor Tony Intrio and former Senator John Joel Joseph. Also, James Solages, Mayor Margie Kessa and Walter Wyndemila.


Photo: Haitian Police

Audio Girl

The United States has already questioned him over arms smuggling, a fact known to President Moss since May when he traveled with the Ecuadorian president. Guillermo Lasso.

EL TIEMPO has established that investigators have audio of a woman providing additional sensitive information about the president’s relationship with Herrot and the recruitment of ex – soldiers.

The woman promises to tell Herod Moss to hire Colombians to control the mob. They commit kidnappings, select murders, robberies and rapes of women.

Joanel Moss traveled with the President of Ecuador with Dmitry Herod.

Joanne Moss traveled with Dmitry Herod to the Ecuadorian presidency.

Its leaders have cornered the small Haitian elite, including Arab families who run part of the economy and exclusively immigrants. Passion-Ville neighborhood where the president lived.

“The mercenary contracts were with the government,” the woman says. Agrees that Police members will be involved.

Now, the former army leaders are to be transferred to the same prisons where the leaders of the gangs are to be kept. And some believe they can start killing them there (See note below).

Palacios, fugitive, main piece

Haitian officials are not the only ones looking for the former Colombian army Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios, One of 7 Colombians who escaped after the assassination of President Joanel Moss. External agencies are also trying to find him because they see him as a key part of the plot.

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Ex-soldier born in Kuipto (Soko), Would have been one of those who entered the President’s residence. His family said he was a worker and a member of a Christian church. EL TIEMPO has already contacted a third party and said he fears for his life.

Mercenaries in Haiti

Twenty-six Colombians have been implicated in the crime of the Haitian president, some talking about torture.


EFE / Jean-Marc Herv Aballard

What is going to happen to the former Colombian army?

The crime of high treason can be sentenced to life imprisonment with forced labor without allowing the sentence to be changed. This case applies to that behavior.

The former army officer involved in the crime of Haitian President Jovnell Moss has completed 10 days in prison at the headquarters of the National Police. You cannot visit them to provide support without incmunicado and consulate.

In fact, no one knows what conditions they are in, and according to federal sources, some have been tortured into confessing to participating in the crime.

Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs He has already sent a letter in which he said “there is an urgent need for the Haitian government to approve the diplomatic visit of detained Colombian citizens.”

The newspaper established that comrades still had no access to the commission that went to Port-au-Prince to support the judicial inquiry.

It is now feared that they will be sent to Port-au-Prince’s National Prison – with more than 400 percent of the crowd – or to the Crooks-des-Bouquet, a prison on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. From there, 200 inmates escaped 5 months ago, and 25 more were killed, including the prison director and a nearby civilian.

Although the political constitution of Haiti does not consider the death penalty, it can be punished for the crime of high treason With forced labor for life The sentence was not allowed to change.

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Section 21 defines this behavior and applies to what happened in one of its paragraphs: “It involves the possession of weapons against the republic in a foreign army (…).
The danger to the ex-military is that shortly after their capture, Haitian Ambassador to Colombia Jean-Marie Xil pointed out that they could be assassinated by those who hired them to silence them.

“” Who drew them There are those who can poison them so that they do not speak or do anything with themThe ambassador said.

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