Guillermo Lasso: ‘I call on the Cuban government to begin a democratic process to end this situation’ | Politics | News

The announcement by the President of Ecuador marks a series of protests by Cubans.


Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso on Saturday appealed to the Cuban government to “begin a democratic process” in favor of the victims on the Caribbean island.

“I call on the Cuban government to launch a democratic process to end this situation,” Lazo said in a Twitter profile on Saturday, affecting the people of the Caribbean who oppose the regime.

“Cuba deserves to be free, it deserves democracy,” because “the lack of political freedoms and rights is the real reason for the fines that its citizens suffer,” the Ecuadorian leader added.

“I sympathize with the Cuban people who demand a better future, where there is respect for social peace and human rights,” said Lasso, a center-right politician and former banker.

Ecuador’s president’s announcement marks a series of anti-Cuban protests on the island a week ago against the government of President Miguel Diaz-Colonel.

The island’s regime organized a massive rally this Saturday.

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