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New Arm CPUs and GPUs

Arm revealed its plans for next year at its annual Customer Technology Days. It also provides a comprehensive look at the “core modular elements” you can expect in Arm-socs from various smartphone and tablet manufacturers, among others, in the coming years. Naturally, AI plays a major role in this, and of course the CPU and […]

Qualcomm: Microsoft Automatic Supersolution is not exclusive to our SoC – Computer – News

Microsoft’s auto super-resolution feature isn’t exclusive to Snapdragon Microsoft’s help page suggests this is the case, but Qualcomm says it’s because there aren’t Copilot+ PC Socs yet. Microsoft says the auto super-resolution technology now only works with Qualcomm’s SoC, as there are currently only Copilot+ PC laptops on sale with the Snapdragon SoC. If other […]

Are you looking for a cheap Samsung phone? There’s a good chance it comes from China

It appears that Samsung is planning to produce more of its cheap smartphones designed and produced in China. The company may outsource a quarter of its smartphone production to Chinese companies this year. Article continues after ad Samsung will manufacture its own cheaper models according to the Chinese website electrical (Translation via Robot body) increased […]

Austrian restores wine cellar and finds prehistoric mammoth bones | RTL News

Researchers from the Austrian Archaeological Institute call it an “exciting discovery.” Archaeologists Thomas Inogerer and Hanna Barrow Suchon estimate the bones number about 30,000. Its age reaches 40,000 years“, writes the BBC. The mammoth bones were found in Andreas Bernerstorfer’s wine cellar in the town of Gobelsburg, an hour’s drive from Vienna. According to the […]

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