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The latter phenomenon is neither idle clicking, nor unlocking massive amounts of achievements, or the like.

Every few clicks, this game places a tradable digital item in your Steam inventory, which can enter the Steam Marketplace to be converted into Steam Wallet funds. And that Remains did that. There is no limit like for example. With trading cards, only up to a maximum of 60% of the size of the full deck of cards is “dropped”.

So, now you have hordes of users setting up a lot of accounts in parallel, buying this click game and then extracting the functionality to trade back to their main accounts and then setting up the market.

In fact, there are people who buy these things because they are speculating on them as if they were stocks. (Although this is technically not allowed under Steam’s terms of use.)
However, neither Valve nor the game developer/publisher will do much about it, as they both take a commission on every sale of this banana on the Steam marketplace. 10% goes to Valve, an unspecified portion goes to the developer/publisher, and 90% goes to the seller – if I remember correctly.

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