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Compare seven models

In many cases, a Bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker with a built-in battery that you can take anywhere. We say “in many cases” specifically, because there are Bluetooth speakers for home use that you have to plug into a wall socket. In this file we list portable models that you can easily take with you on vacation this summer or simply use in the garden while barbecue. Thanks to the built-in battery, you are very flexible. Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet and you can listen to your favorite music anywhere in the world on your portable speaker. We understand that your vacation also costs money, which is why we look at what is available for up to 100 euros.

Ultimately, we can divide the seven Bluetooth speakers tested into two camps. These include the Marshall Willen, Teufel Boomster Go and the ultra-compact portable JBL Clip 5. These headphones are very easy to take with you, they are lightweight and compact and can be easily hung on your belt, backpack or even your bike. . The Fresh ‘n Rebel Bold L2, Soundcore Motion 300, Sony SRS-XE300, and ArtSound PWR03 are somewhat larger Bluetooth speakers. They’re less easy to fit in your backpack, although of course it’s possible, and they’re often better suited for real home use than smaller models simply because they have more power and can fill a somewhat larger space with sound.

Anyone who has read all the individual reviews knows that we haven’t found any bad Bluetooth speakers. We also intentionally picked well-known brands, so we expected that there wouldn’t be a bad speaker among them. However, one model is better than another. Of course, part of the audio experience is subjective. Some people prefer a strong bass sound, while others prefer a more balanced speaker, but a speaker that sounds depressed, forgets the high notes, or doesn’t reveal all the details in the music will naturally score lower than a model that makes everything better.

We don’t just look at the sound quality, but also the design, operation, any app, build quality, battery, and any add-ons. It is almost impossible to accurately compare the specifications of all headphones. Half of the manufacturers do not provide information about the exact driver arrangement or frequency range. Power, Bluetooth version, for example, supported audio codecs is something we took into consideration, just like price. In the table below, in addition to the specifications, you will also find the selling price at the time of writing and, in parentheses, the recommended retail price.

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