School closures, occupations banned from contacting as of June 1 of the Corona Law

School closures, occupations banned from contacting as of June 1 of the Corona Law

As of June 1, the Cabinet can no longer only decide to close schools and nurseries or ban connected professions. These measures are currently still an option in the Corona Act, where the Cabinet can quickly introduce new Corona rules, but they will be removed from this on June 1. This is what Health Minister Kuipers writes to the House of Representatives.

Other rules just like those can no longer be announced, for example, at a press conference with Corona. It’s about hotel and holiday park restrictions and maximum group sizes. Other measures have already been removed from the Corona Act, including curfews and restrictions on public facilities, such as public toilets.

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The Corona Law was introduced in December 2020 as ‘Temporary Legal Measures for COVID-19’. Since then, the law has already been extended five times, on June 1 for the sixth time. The House and Senate must agree to this. This often happens retroactively: for example, the House of Representatives will debate the extension of the Corona Act from March 1 on Monday only.

With the Corona Law, the Council of Ministers has a legal basis to be able to introduce far-reaching measures to Corona, without the prior intervention or approval of Parliament. However, the House can reverse measures introduced within a week if the majority does not agree.

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The fact that measures regarding schools, day care centers and communication professions will disappear from the Corona law from 1 June means that the Cabinet can only introduce these rules if a new bill is introduced. This must first be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate. And not, as now, only then.

There are still other measures in the corona law, which can still be introduced in the short term. This relates, for example, to the entry ticket to Corona, the obligation to use a mouth mask and the obligation to stay one and a half meters away.

According to Kuipers, such measures will only be used if the situation calls for it and the measures are necessary to combat the epidemic.

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