Schiphol: Apologies for the chaos, limiting the number of flights during busy periods

Schiphol: Apologies for the chaos, limiting the number of flights during busy periods

Schiphol will limit the number of rides during busy periods. In addition, the airport wants to pay better salaries to its employees in order to attract more security and baggage staff. Schiphol CEO Dick Pinshop said this in a conversation with the press. He also apologized to travelers for the chaos and waiting times at the airport.

“May the holidays as we are now in Schiphol are painful,” said Pinshop. Due to staff shortages and an unexpectedly large number of passengers, chaos reigned at the airport last week. Passengers had to wait for hours or their flights were cancelled. “Not the level of quality you would expect from a Schiphol,” said Pinshop.

Schiphol will enter into consultations with the sector for the first time next week on limiting the number of flights.

The airport had set a schedule seven weeks before the holiday. “It was really tight.” An unexpected strike was added in the first weekend, which immediately led to chaos. “In addition, there were more passengers than expected, and there were fewer security guards, about 10 percent, due to influenza and corona,” he added.

‘Don’t report problems’

These security guards often work for subcontractors. During the corona period, it was quieter in Schiphol and security officers found work in construction, for example. However, Schiphol cannot pass the problems on to its subcontractors, says one expert.

Schiphol is legally obligated to ensure the proper functioning of basic facilities necessary for the proper handling of air traffic, such as security and baggage handling, says aviation attorney Jokim Kron. “Even if the airport operator delegates this task to someone else, that does not absolve her of this legal responsibility.”

Last weekend there were long queues at the airport:

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