Residents claim that George Clooney is coming to live in this Dutch city

Residents claim that George Clooney is coming to live in this Dutch city

George and his wife Amal have now been spotted by a number of Vorburg residents. According to them, he visited the hairdresser and the baker. But when one is convinced, the other remains skeptical. This is how these kinds of city voices are heard: “This street is our biggest and most expensive. But they definitely want a huge house with a swimming pool?” Since the cottage has an area of ​​about 247 sq m and has a total land area of ​​3,830 sq m, it seems that this argument is already losing steam.

“We also met Putin’s daughter here at Albert Heijn, so why wouldn’t that be true?” Another resident says. A retail employee from Vorburg is also convinced: “Where there is smoke, there is fire. Surely they can also live in Wassenaar or the Statenkwartier in The Hague? I am absolutely convinced that they really are.” “Amal and George at least have an address where they can shop.” Let them They come. Then he comes and pushes.”

It is not yet clear if and when we can welcome George to the Netherlands, but according to the current owner of the property, the actor will already be the new resident at home in Voorburg.

Although the actor finds it very difficult to grow old (see video below), he may be celebrating his 61st birthday in our small country. Vorburg residents probably wouldn’t mind getting Surprise Ceremony to arrange their new neighbor.

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