Saskia Norte is ruthless about Prince Bowen –

Saskia Norte is ruthless about Prince Bowen -

Prince Bowen continues to find himself pathetic that we treat him so hard, as Saskia Norte writes in her AD column. “The Prince keeps crying. What has he done to deserve this reputation as an unethical moneylender? He really is completely self-made.

It’s really not easy, folks. Fortunately, he has a boat, from his own boat brand Waterdream, to jet-skiing aft to the rhythm pulsing from the boat’s speakers, or eating Moëtje. Racing, whether it’s on the water or in a nature reserve, it doesn’t matter, Prins Poen likes to go fast, standing on the shoulders of ghostly tenants without rights.”

Nort concludes that he became wealthy with the help of his family name and/or individuals.

“The rules that apply to us don’t apply to him. And that’s starting to get so noticeable that I think we’re always talking about Bill Gates and 5G, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s behind the whole thing. Festivals have been canceled and his party can go on, complete with camping sites and parades. Musical, where artists come to perform for free!

People who have suffered the most from the epidemic after Corona victims and medical workers. who have been unemployed for more than a year and a half. Prince Bowen appears to be in command. “Dance monkey, dance for me” shouts. And not only Davina Michel responds to this, but also the entire temporary cabinet. ”

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