Message to GroenLinks Members: With PvdA Against “Rejecting Politicians” on the Right

Message to GroenLinks Members: With PvdA Against "Rejecting Politicians" on the Right

Cooperation with PvdA is necessary to “break the arrogance of power”. This was the message from GroenLinks leader Jesse Claver and second Corinne Elimit in their conversation with party members.

According to the two, there are “rejection politicians” in the VVD and CDA who do not dare to start the conversation. “It seems they are afraid to talk about the content,” Claver said. “Gaming seems to come first for third parties,” No. 2 Ellemeet said.

Several members who spoke believed that there should be a joint effort in the formation. However, there were concerns about protecting their green “face”.

Dark green and dark red

Claver argued that uniting forces does not lead to a weakening of one’s values. “It actually leads to dark green and dark red,” he pointed out to the party colors for GroenLinks and PvdA.

Members also had questions about how far the collaboration should go. Claver and Elmette assured the audience that this was a first step for the factions in the House of Representatives working together in the formation. True amalgamation of the factions, not to mention the parties, is not on the agenda at the moment.

There were further questions about the ruling at all in the Cabinet with the leader of VVD Rutte. The two said cooperation with right-wing parties is not ideal, but time is running out, especially on the climate.

different cycle

“I feel sad because we have less than 10 years to go to a point where we can’t go back,” Elmmit said. “We must now make a difference to the climate, we must now come to power and take a different path.” But she also said, “We should only judge if we can make a difference.”

From 12 noon, PvdA will hold an online member consultation on formation and collaboration with GroenLinks. Things are getting exciting in the PvdA party, because there is more division within the party over cooperation.

PvdA members vote on various proposals. This makes the result unexpected. A number of proposals address the question to what extent cooperation is desirable. There are also members who are wondering if they want to rule with the leader of VVD Rutte. Another proposal calls for new elections for the House of Representatives.

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