Sander Lantinga slams Rod de Wilde: ‘Don’t be too sad’ | stars

Sander Lantinga slams Rod de Wilde: 'Don't be too sad' |  stars

De Wilde mentioned last week that “shelf off” when Quinn and Sander, which became known as roadblocks. On Sunday, Lantinga responded on NPO Radio 1 that he “may think there will be more, too.” press holder† „Ruud de Wild, speaking of sour DJ, you have one. Seven years later, he still has trouble sitting still at every interview and now again Broad street surrounded by trees quotes this. Then I think about extending it: he can also watch his own show.”

In terms of content, Lantinga thinks he and Swijnenberg aren’t quite done yet. “Does it hurt? No, you always have people thinking about something, and it is impossible to please one hundred percent of the population of Holland, and this is simply not possible.”

Seven years

“Only with this guy, I think: Dude, we’ve kept our mouths shut for seven years. But Rod de Wilde has been citing us in every interview for seven years now. He’s very involved in it,” Lantinga said. Seven years, so I think now is the time to respond: Don’t be sad, that’s the way it goes.”

De Wilde made his remarks in RTL Boulevard† Mentioned to listen to the characters Quinn and Sander Show It collapsed “significantly”. “I still miss seeing Talpa and then you get that kind of misery,” said the DJ.

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