Samsung will soon announce the location of the US chip factory

Samsung will soon announce the location of the US chip factory

Photo: ANP

South Korean technology company Samsung will announce next week where it plans to build a new chip plant in the United States. According to Samsung’s insiders, this will happen when Samsung CEO Lee Jae-yong returns from a visit to Canada and the United States, according to Samsung’s insiders.

Among other things, Lee met with White House officials to discuss ways to address the global potato chip shortage. In addition, it’s about potential support for a technology company if it creates a factory in the United States, Jonhap said. The construction of the US factory for the production of advanced chips is worth $ 17 billion.

After his release from prison in August, Lee set out on November 14 for his first foreign business trip. He was jailed on corruption charges. During his trip, he met with top executives from technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Lee formally holds the position of Vice President of Samsung. His father Lee Kun-hee was the true leader until his death. He was previously jailed in a corruption case. Lee’s imprisonment raised concerns about important strategic decisions he could not make in his absence.

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