Samsung sued in US over recent data breaches

Electronics giant Samsung is based in the United States Sued Two recent data breaches involved the theft of source code and customer data. The Company will collect data from users unnecessarily and adequately protect it. Made in March Samsung The attackers gained access to the computers and looted, among other things, the algorithms for biometric authentication of Samsung phones and the source code of the Galaxy bootloader.

Get started this month It revealed that the attackers gained access to “US systems” from Samsung where customer data was stolen. Two US Samsung users have now launched a mass class action lawsuit against the electronics giant. They argue that Samsung is unnecessarily collecting personal data from customers and not protecting it properly. Samsung allegedly violated US consumer law.

According to the complainants Some parts of Samsung’s electronics are disabled and users can only use them if they provide personal information. Although the company told customers the data was secure, this information was stored, monitored and sold without adequate security, the complaint said.

The insecurity allowed two data breaches to occur and Samsung users are now at risk of phishing attacks, identity theft and other scams, the complainants add. Samsung must notify all victims of the data breach, tighten the security of its own systems and provide financial compensation to those affected.


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