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Unfortunately I can see the difference from generation to generation, but then I also work with those devices. In good lighting, most devices have been taking great photos for a few years now, but if you factor in motion, depth, or twilight/shadow, you’ll notice differences quickly, even year after year.

When I switched from the iPhone 12 pro to the Fold 3, it took a step back in terms of telephoto lens and sharpness, while this one was almost a year newer. Samsung simply didn’t prioritize camera quality because it shows they have it at home with the Ultra. To some extent, I blame the lack of competition in the folding space.

Unfortunately, software updates only come so far, when you’re still experiencing the physical limitations of lenses, socs, or sensors. You definitely have a point that Google, but also Apple, have stayed at 12 megapixels for years and have been able to take pretty pictures with it, and that’s pretty much in the secret software sauce recipe.

However, I do not agree with you that these features are added to the older generations with updates. All manufacturers have a knack for ensuring that the latest devices are of course the best to get people to buy. I’m sure Samsung could make your S10 take much nicer photos than it does now if they put their latest and greatest software on it, but they’ve already saved that for newer models to keep the sliding boxes : +

This is also evident when you put a hacked ROM for newer devices on older devices and you manage to run them into one nicer one or add-ons. Manufacturers won’t prioritize making a product they already sell better, they don’t earn much from that ;)

The Fold 1 on 3 was really worth the upgrade. This turned out to be a completely weak model and that front screen was, of course, undoubtedly. But 2 out of 3 is hardly the case and now 2 out of 4 is not really. Not to mention 3 out of 4, or you really have to bump up the very heavy S-Pen bolster on your front screen and those millimeters less vertically but extra horizontal.

Hopefully next year will be a Z Fold 5 Ultra: 3

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