A woman forgets to advertise a sandwich at customs and is fined: “The most expensive sandwich ever” | Abroad

A woman forgets to advertise a sandwich at customs and is fined: “The most expensive sandwich ever” |  Abroad

The story did not go unnoticed. It generated media attention around the world. Eventually, Subway also got wind of her story. The company gave her gift cards and she sent the stuff. Lee told the Washington Post that her family now calls her a “subway girl.” She describes it as “the most expensive sandwich ever”.

The story began with Lee hungry when she and her partner were on a 13,000-kilometre journey from Greece via Singapore to Australia. This made her “extremely hungry”. She was told she had gone to the subway to get a sandwich, that she could take on the plane.

Once in Australia, she completely forgot that she still had a half-eaten sandwich in her bag, along with some chocolate. This means that she did not fill in the correct intersections on the customs form. Violating strict Australian rules could result in prosecution, revocation of your visa or, if read, a fine.


She posted a video on TikTok “so that others don’t make the same mistake”. It spread quickly. On Wednesday, it has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times. “My friends and family send me news articles about me, while I’m sitting there saying, ‘Yeah, I’m surfing the internet because I’m stupid,'” she says with a laugh.

Domino’s Pizza TikTok account put the Subway tag in their video. She was soon approached by an employee of the sandwich company. She couldn’t pay her a fine, but she wanted to help, was the message. She got her Subway gift cards worth 1,812 euros, as well as a box of branded items.

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The accident didn’t hurt me. A month ago, she decided to quit her job to start a career in social media. “I made a stupid mistake, but I was like, ‘You know what? This will be the moment for me to continue what I’m doing.” Her new followers became more valuable to her than the fine she had cost her.

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