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Yes, this is also very annoying.

Now they also keep complaining about OneDrive since they discontinued Samsung Cloud. But… I already had OneDrive, but the business version. You have also just been logged in. Unfortunately, their Reminders app didn’t recognize this and kept whining about it. It looks like it’s only looking for the consumer version (which uses the same app but a different type of account)

I no longer use these services anyway and I no longer have Samsung. I’ve always been using new services for a while to see if they’re of much use to me, and if so, I’m looking for a privacy-friendly alternative (self-hosted for example).

For example, instead of Samsung Fit (and Galaxy Active 1), I now have an Amazfit watch with excellent Gadget Bridge The app, which can handle that watch without leaking my data to Xiaomi. Active 1 is no longer well supported by Samsung. The “Notify for Amazfit / Mi Band” apps in the play store are also good for this, but they still have some tracking in them.

But things like Samsung Pay and Amazon Echo weren’t worth enough to me, so I wasn’t really looking for a privacy-friendly alternative. Samsung Pay also didn’t work well at all, it was rejected multiple times (even though it did work the day before at the same store).

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