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Samsung has announced the Galaxy SmartTag 2 tracking device. As previously revealed from unofficial sources, the device will have a more elongated design and UWB support. The tracker is scheduled to be released in the Netherlands and Belgium on October 13 and costs €40.

In addition to the elongated design, the SmartTag 2 tracker has a larger opening through which it can be attached to a keyring, for example. Additionally, it uses both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology. With the original SmartTag, only the Plus version used the latest connection technology.

The tracker also has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. According to Samsung The SmartTag 2 battery lasts about five hundred days, while the original version’s battery lasts about a year. The device now also has a power saving mode, which should extend its maximum life by about two hundred days. The manufacturer says the battery is “easily” replaceable.

Moreover, this tracker has a new function: Lost Mode. This allows users to link a message to their contact information with the tracker. Anyone who finds the tracker and scans it via NFC can read this message. According to Samsung, this function could be useful for users who want to attach the SmartTag to a dog or cat collar. By the way, Lost Mode also works with phones from manufacturers other than Samsung, as long as the device offers NFC support.

Trackers can only be detected with Samsung Galaxy devices. The manufacturer’s SmartThings Find network is used for this purpose. Samsung says the companion app has also undergone some innovations. For example, newly registered Galaxy phones now automatically create a shortcut in the app, which should launch the app faster. It is also now possible to view the map in full screen and the interface should be more “intuitive”.

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SmartTag 2 will be available in a white and black version. It costs 40 euros each. The tracker will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium from October 13 As package 4While a separate permit will be delivered on October 20.

The new SmartTag previously appeared at the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It also appeared in a British online store in August. Samsung released its first SmartTag trackers two years ago. The company came in two variants: first a ‘regular’ model with only Bluetooth and later the Plus variant, which also supports UWB as a communications technology. But this time, there is one variant with both Bluetooth and UWB. The first SmartTag and SmartTag+ cost 30 and 40 euros respectively at launch.

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