February 9, 2023

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Rumor: Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets a periscope zoom camera – Tablets and Phones – News

I never understand this anger.

You explain the anger here is not there, maybe you perceive something?

Yes, everyone uses marketing, but Apple takes an existing approach and calls it its own marketing term. In the case of Huawei, this technology was really new, so you can take a little more freedom with the names from me, because you are the first to come up with it. Their sensor, a 40MP sensor, was the first to use RYYB instead of RGB, and that was also so special and unique at the time, I think a label should be attached to that, after all, it just didn’t exist yet. The only marketing term is the “Super Sensing” camera, which refers to the unique new sensor on the market.

What Apple does is name something we’ve known for years and give people the impression that they made an invention, I think that’s a bit misleading. It may well be his name.

Isn’t this also a very complicated way of saying “it comes in light blue”?

The design is something different from the technology and the colors weren’t just “purple and blue”, the colors were a little more complex than that with a kind of unique design back in this market. Nobody has done that, so I think they can also add a nice story here.

But anyway, I think marketing talking about some kind of color effect they designed themselves is very different from buying a technology from the competition and then pretending it’s new and unique with a marketing term of its own.

You’re looking for nails at low tide on Huawei, it seems and I think Apple handles it in a dirtier way than Huawei.

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