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Samsung has announced suggested retail prices for several Neo QLED, QLED, and OLED TVs. These are mostly innovations from the current series, with the C generation being in most cases slightly more expensive compared to last year’s B series.

the Advertise recommended rates It includes the Neo QLED 8K series with small LED backlights, the 65 and 75 variants being a hundred euros more expensive than last year’s versions. The 85″ model will continue to cost €9,999. The 85″ QN800C is even €500 more expensive, while the 75″ costs several hundred euros less.

Samsung’s updated Neo QLED 4K TVs are somewhat more affordable across the board than their last year’s counterparts. The only exception is the 55-inch QN85C, which is a hundred euros cheaper than last year’s QN85B. All Samsung TVs listed so far have a Neural Quantum Processor and support Auto HDR Remastering in SDR.

In the QLED 4K series, a 98-inch variant is also available from this year with a suggested retail price of around €8,000. As far as OLED displays are concerned, Samsung is implementing innovations in the OLED series with the S95C and S90C series. These TVs use Quantum Dot technology from Samsung and have One Connect Box. This is an external box in which all the connections and the power supply are handled, so only one cable runs to the TV. OLED TVs also have a much higher price tag than previously suggested.

Finally, Samsung is revamping its Lifestyle line with The Frame monitors, which range in size from 32 to 85 inches. Unlike most other chains, the larger 55″ to 75″ variants are just a little cheaper over the past year. The top model 85 “will also cost 4,699 euros.

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Recommended prices for Samsung TVs 2023
series A fashion model 32 in 43 in 50 in 55 in 65 in 75 in 85 in
New QLED 8K TV QN900C 5799 euros 7799 euros 9999 euros
QN800C 3999 euros 5499 euros 7999 euros
New QLED 4K TV QN95C 2999 euros 3699 euros 4999 euros 6499 euros
QN90C 1699 euros 1899 euros 2499 euros 3199 euros 4299 euros 5499 euros
QN85C 1899 euros 2599 euros 3899 euros 4999 euros
QLED 4K TV Q80C** 1399 euros 1599 euros 2299 euros 2999 euros 3999 euros
Q70C 1299 euros 1699 euros 2399 euros 3499 euros
Q60C 849 euros 899 euros 999 euros 1,399 euros 1,899 euros 2999 euros
OLED S95C 2899 euros 3599 euros 5299 euros*
S90C 2499 euros 3199 euros 4499 EUR*
Lifestyle TV the frame 699 euros 1299 euros 1499 euros 1699 euros 2199 euros 3399 euros 4699 euros

* OLED S95C and S90C not available in 75 inch but in 77 inch. For clarity, the largest OLED TVs in question, on the other hand, have been processed into the 75-inch column.
** In the QLED 4K series, a 98-inch version of the Q80C with a suggested retail price of €7,999 has also been announced.

Update at 8:50 p.m: The original title mentioned the initial price of the QN900C series, but in fact there is a cheaper model of the QN800C series. The address has changed.

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