“Samsung is considering using MediaTek SoC in Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23”

“Samsung is considering using MediaTek SoC in Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23”

According to Business Korea, Samsung is considering supplying the upcoming Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23 with features from MediaTek stables. This is great, given that the South Korean manufacturer usually supplies its own Qualcomm proprietary chips or solutions.

Samsung is said to be planning to use MediaTek soc in half of the Galaxy S22 FE and S23 devices that will be sold in Asia. Other models will likely have a Snapdragon chipset. It is not known if Samsung would also like to provide other phones with social information from this Taiwanese manufacturer.

At the end of 2021, MediaTek announced the Dimensity 9000, the first chip to be baked at 4 nanometers.

Qualcomm holds the largest share of the global smartphone processor market (37.7%) according to Strategy Analytics (SA) figures, while MediaTek and Apple are in second and third places, respectively (26.3% and 26.0%). It was followed by Samsung Electronics with 6.6 percent. While MediaTek makes the largest number of SOCs for the Chinese market, the market share in other regions is said to be rather low (around 10%). The company may want to grow by supplying chips to Samsung.

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