Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is coming: these are our expectations

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is coming: these are our expectations

Samsung will launch its new smartwatches in a few months. Curious what they have to offer? We’ve listed our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) predictions for you!

Read on after the announcement.

Our expectations from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Last year, Samsung released two or three smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch 5 appeared in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm. If that is not enough, you can opt for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This model had a diameter of 45 mm, was more solid and had a larger battery.

Also in 2023, we will see two different variants again. Galaxy Watch 6 regular and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The South Korean company drops the “Pro” name a year later. We have now received a few things about these watches. So it’s time to share our predictions for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series with you.

Slide faster

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series are powered by the Exynos W920 chip. So they were exactly the same speed. This year we can expect another upgrade. Galaxy Watch 6 models have a new Exynos W980 processor on board. It will perform 10 percent better and also use energy more efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

bigger screens

The 40mm diagonal Galaxy Watch 5 model has a 1.19-inch OLED display, while the 44mm-display variant measures 1.36 inches. These volumes are on the rise. According to rumors, the larger Galaxy Watch 6 will have a 1.47-inch display this year. We expect the smaller model to grow as well, but it’s still not clear by exactly how much.

We also don’t know what this means for the dimensions of the watch cases. Samsung might make the bezels thinner, so it barely increases in size. The edges themselves are no longer completely flat, but rounded. We know that from Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch.

High capacity battery

Battery life remains a point of concern with smartwatches. Fortunately, the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a slightly larger battery. The smaller variant is rumored to go from 284 to 300 mAh. The large one grows from 410 to 425 mAh. These differences are small, but it’s a nice bonus.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a much larger 590mAh battery. However, this watch does not appear to have a direct successor. Instead, Samsung launches the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. And it has already appeared. This smartwatch, which has a screen size of 1.47 inches, also houses a 425mAh battery. This is significantly less than the 5 Pro.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic may also appear smaller, but rumors about this contradict each other.

Classic gets a rotating bezel

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic fans were completely upset last year. At the time, Samsung hadn’t released a new watch with a bezel that physically rotated around the screen. This has been an important feature of Samsung smartwatches in the past. With this ring, you can easily navigate through the menus and adjust the volume, for example.

This year, the classic is back and likely so will the rotating bezel, too. Good news for enthusiasts. The regular Galaxy Watch 6 doesn’t get this physical ring. Instead, there is a touch-sensitive bezel with the same features.

WearOS weather

Samsung smartwatches have been running on Google’s Wear OS for a few years now. This certainly also applies to the Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic). This is useful, because you can easily install thousands of apps via the Play Store. There are also infinite watch faces for this operating system.

Samsung puts its One UI on Wear OS. Galaxy Watch 6 models have One UI 5 Watch on board. This new version gives you a better view of your sleep behavior and puts more emphasis on fitness and safety. By the way, this software will also come to the older Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series later.

Presentation on July 26th?

In recent years, Samsung has launched its smartwatches during the Unpacked event in August. It appears to have happened on July 26th this time, though we are still backtracking. We will also see the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 at the event. Soon, all the devices will probably be on sale.

It is not yet known how much the watches will cost. To give you an idea: the suggested retail price for the Galaxy Watch 5 with a 40mm case is €299, while the 44mm version is priced at €329. Watch 5 Pro should have cost no less than 469 euros.

The Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) remains a great buy

Do you need a new smartwatch now? Then you can safely look at the Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. These are still excellent watches, which have also dropped significantly in price. For example, I have now “only” lost about 300 euros to the Pro.

Curious what we think of these smartwatches? In our comprehensive review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) you will find all the pros and cons!

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