Samsung brings a huge TV to the Netherlands at a hefty price

Samsung brings a huge TV to the Netherlands at a hefty price

Are you a true cinema enthusiast? Then you can of course buy an annual pass. But it might be better to turn your living room into a cinema room. This is possible with Samsung’s new mega TV.

Samsung brings its largest QLED TV to the Netherlands. And by big, we mean big. It measures 98 inches. This means that the diameter is approximately 2.5 meters. A big TV for your living room where you really have to convince your partner that buying it is a good idea. Especially because of the price.

Samsung’s new mega TV

You may also have noticed it when you walk into a TV store. The need for large screens is increasing. We really want to experience movies and series. While 55 inches is currently one of the most common dimensions, it can be much larger than that. Samsung sees that too.

Samsung introduces the QLED Q80C to the Netherlands. This is a 4K TV with a Neural Quantum Processor. With AI upscaling technology, the image stays sharp.

QLED is of course known for its color volume. It really explodes from your screen. The big question is what the blacks will be like, and it’s much better with OLED. However, Samsung claims that the performance of the device is good thanks to the Quantum HDR + technology.

You can also enjoy games on the screen, since Samsung TV has a 120Hz refresh rate and should enable Premium Pro HDR games with low latency.

Artificial intelligence enhances the image. (photo: Samsung)

Particularly remarkable is that the huge 48.5mm thick screen is extremely thin. You can also hang it on the wall. The thin bezels of the screen also ensure that it fits better indoors.

Don’t forget about the sound

Samsung QLED Q80C supports Dolby Atmos technology. By object tracking sound, the sound moves with the action on the screen. So you are better in the movie. However, it is recommended to add a subwoofer to such a flat TV to get a fuller sound. This TV also has a function that ensures that the two devices are exactly the same.

Would you like to have this TV in your living room? Then it is better to start saving in advance. The suggested retail price for the Samsung Q80C is €7,999 and it’s available now.

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Samsung brings a huge TV to the Netherlands, but at a hefty price tag

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