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Indie Hades became the first game ever to win a Hugo Award. These awards are for the best science fiction and fantasy stories of the past calendar year. For the first time, the “Best Video Game” award was presented.

Hades is prison cell from a kind of roguelike, which means that when players die, they pretty much have to start from scratch and lose most of the upgrades and power-ups. the creative director Van Hades, Greg Cassavian, Zee In a video message He was honored by the award. “At Supergiant, we’ve tried to connect the lore of science fiction and fantasy with the unique interactive component of video games so that the worlds you maneuver in feel come alive, so we’re so grateful that our work on Hades has stood out in this way.”

Other candidates for Best video game category Warren Spiritfairer, The Last of Us Part II, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Final Fantasy 7 Remake en Blaseball. games They were qualified For an award if it is available on a “major gaming platform,” released in 2020 and has interfaces with science fiction, fantasy, or related themes. At the beginning of this year, members of the 2020 and 2021 World Conferences were able to submit nominations. After that, only members of the 2021 edition of WorldCon were allowed to vote from the aforementioned list of six candidates.

the organization He said this year To add a game prize because games played a major role during the Corona pandemic. It’s not a permanent category, so the award may not return next year.

First held in 1953, the Hugo Awards primarily honor works of literary science fiction and fantasy, with major categories such as best novel and best novel. Over the years, many non-literary awards have also been given, such as Best Magazine and Best Illustrator.

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