Said Kilis: “Won Beyoncé” | stars

Said Kilis: "Won Beyoncé" |  stars

Kelis slammed Beyoncé last week, calling it a theft when her song was used unsolicited for Beyoncé’s new single. energy. Contains a tune from Kelis’ hit song. “I am baffled by how disrespectful and ignorant the parties involved have acted,” Kilis said. “I discovered this at the same time as everyone else. Absolutely nothing as it seems, some people in this business have no soul, no integrity and deceive everyone.” Then Beyoncé put a new version online, without the Milkshake tune.

“Yes, I am,” Kelis writes when someone asks her if she would be happy to remove the number. Someone else in the comments thinks Kelly should be glad it came out on Beyoncé’s album. The singer replied, “That’s why you are who you are and – thank God – I am what I am.” The third follower thinks that it is unreasonable for Kelis to call it a robbery. “I just said what it was,” says Kelis.

energy This is the second song from the new album Renaissance Edited by Beyoncé. Earlier it became clear that hot A new version comes because it used the term “spas” in it, which critics say is pejorative for people with disabilities.

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