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The F1 22 racing game will have crossover games as part of testing this weekend and the following weekend. Players can play Social Race and Two-Player Career modes against each other regardless of which platform they are playing the game on. Crossplay will be completed at the end of August.

Crossplay was intended to be a feature that F1 22 would make available upon release, but was delayed due to a subcontractor from Ukraine responsible for developing a component for Codemasters developer. leave it Senior Creative Director Lee Mather from Code Masters Get to know RacingGames.gg.

Code Masters also understands Fridays as weekends. Codemasters doesn’t list the times, but at the time of writing there are already Twitch streams demonstrating cross-play, so testing has already begun for this weekend. ranked play It is not yet possible in combination with cross-play and those who prefer not to play cross-platform can disable this. Developer Codemasters expects not only that matchmaking will be faster with cross-play, but also match ups It will be more common with players of the same skill levels.

F1 22 was released on July 1 this year for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. It’s not the first Codemasters racing game to have crossover: rally Dirt 5 and Grid Legends, respectively from 2020 and 2021, get it too.

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