Ryanair CEO angry at Boeing: ‘You should get a kick in the ass’ | abroad

Ryanair CEO angry at Boeing: 'You should get a kick in the ass' |  abroad

To continue: “We currently feel that the Boeing management is like a headless chicken and is unable to sell planes. If they can do that, it won’t happen in time.” Those were harsh words for the CEO of Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Michael O’Leary. His company has ordered nearly 400 planes since 2010 from the company that O’Leary says falls short.

This is not the first time that the two companies have clashed. Last fall, O’Leary accused Boeing of selling the 737 Max for too much money. Ryanair eventually withdrew from the negotiations.

Reduce flights

The warm comments are not out of thin air, as Ryanair says it will have to reduce flights in the spring and summer due to the number of planes the airline has ordered, but is receiving them later than expected.

The CEO is even more pissed off that the type of plane his company ordered isn’t a new model. “I can understand that building a new plane can be difficult, but the plane you built two years ago… All you have to do is put fuel in it and fly the planes to Dublin. I don’t understand why it takes three months longer. It’s managerial Too bad in Seattle.”

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