Cybertruck Tesla can only be ordered in North America

American carmaker Tesla, which manufactures electric vehicles, only registers orders from North America to purchase its CyberTruck. The company has announced. Only customers from the US, Canada and Mexico can order Tesla’s electric pickup truck, the CyberTruck. Bookings for the vehicle from Europe and Asia are said to be closed.

Elon Musk, CEO TeslaIt was previously emphasized that the company would begin production of the Cybertruck at its Austin plant in the US state of Texas next year.

Three years

“We have already received several orders for the CyberTruck and production has already been fully booked for at least three years,” Musk said during a recent car conference. The CEO also stressed that Tesla could suspend orders if demand significantly exceeds productivity.

Tesla introduced the CyberTruck three years ago. Originally scheduled for completion by the end of this year Electric pickup truck production To begin with, but that plan has been revised, allowing the manufacturer to focus on increasing demand for the Y model. So the product release of Cybertruck has been postponed to the first quarter of next year.

Observers point out Booking Plan for CyberTruck Has been very successful so far. Tesla has already received over 250,000 orders within a week of the electric pickup presentation.

Small version

“Normally, after the presentation of a new model, Tesla receives a large number of orders, but usually a plate should be noticed after that,” the audience insists. “However, that is not the case with the Cybertruck. Tesla has already received an estimated 1.5 million bookings for this vehicle.

Cybertruck was generally expected to hit the market in Europe significantly later than in North America. “This is not unusual for Tesla because the company is launching deliveries in regions where a new model will be manufactured,” it said.

“Tesla was also suspected because of the design of the truck in Europe Some regulatory issues Can face. Among other things, consideration may be given to developing a smaller and lighter model of the Cybertruck for the European market.


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